Why we give

“George and I are proud to have supported a number of arts organizations, but the Croswell holds a special place in my heart. Growing up in Adrian, my friends and I spent many happy hours in the theater. I know from personal experience what an impact the arts can have on young minds. Music and theater have shaped who I am and enriched my life. George and I are committed to helping ensure that future generations of Adrian children have the same opportunities and artistic enrichment. We are so proud to be a part of this!”

Julia Argyros

“The Croswell has been very important to our family for generations. Our parents stepped forward to save the building in the late 1960s, and that’s a commitment our family has honored to this day. We believe wholeheartedly in this organization’s vision. While many things have changed in Adrian over the years, the Croswell has remained constant — the glue that holds this community together.”

The Hickman Family

Campaign Cabinet

Legacy Honorary Chairs

  • Emory Schmidt (Board President & Campaign Chairperson)
  • Julia & George Argyros
  • Julie & Allan Brittain
  • Melissa Sage Fadim & Jamey Fadim
  • Debbie & Patrick Farver
  • Sally & Steve Hickman
  • Shelley & Dave Hickman
  • Mary & Doug Kapnick
  • Ruth Merillat

Campaign Cabinet

  • Erica Abrahamson
  • Jeff Adams
  • Brenda Baker
  • Bob Bell
  • James Berryman
  • Jeff Danley
  • Carlton Cook, MD
  • Frank Dick
  • Brandon Farver
  • Ashley Gonzalez
  • Stephanie Hickman Boyse
  • Mike Kapnick
  • Pat Kuhr
  • Rita Mansour
  • Tobin Ost
  • Jere Righter
  • Laura Schaedler
  • Kris Schmidt
  • Sheila Dwyer Schwartz
  • Eric Soller
  • Jim Van Doren
  • Prosser (Mike) Watts
  • Shonn Wiley